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SDRG provided fantastic support for our very complicated web survey. Instead of thinking only of technical limitations, they took a researcher's perspective on problem solving and made sure that the technology served us, not the other way around. Our study is that much stronger for their thoughtful engagement.

-Samantha Becker, IMLS/PAC Project Manager
The Information School, University of Washington

The Survey Research Division offers a full range of research services from study design to analysis. We conduct surveys at local, regional, and national levels. Our survey experience extends across a wide variety of research populations including general households (adults and parents) and specialized populations such as: children and youth, ethnic and other cultural groups, substance abusers, adjudicated delinquents and other at-risk groups, school administrators and teachers, key informants from business establishments and state government, and health and human service personnel in local communities.

Telephone Surveys

The SRD is equipped with a multi-station Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) lab running state-of-the-art software systems to support all phases of the telephone survey process. Telephone survey services include sample management, call scheduling, interviewing, and reporting.

Web Surveys

The SRD designs and conducts web surveys with longitudinal and cross-sectional samples. Our approach to web survey methodology builds upon current research and utilizes the latest enhancements in web survey technology, resulting in respondent-friendly protocols and instruments that produce high response rates and high quality data.

Face-to-Face Surveys

The SRD conducts field-based interviews at local, regional and national levels. Our training and field management expertise produce high response rates across a variety of survey modes including computer assisted in-person (CAPI) and self-administered interviews (CASI and audio-CASI).

School-Based Surveys

The SRD conducts school-based surveys with students at all grade levels. After years of experience with schools across the country, we have developed effective protocols for obtaining high participation in longitudinal and cross-sectional studies using active and passive consent procedures.

Mail Surveys

The SRD provides complete mail survey services, including questionnaire design, printing, mailing, scanning and reporting. Our mail survey methods utilize personalization, multiple contacts, and the use of incentives to achieve high response rates with a variety of populations.

Mixed-Mode Surveys

Using our broad experience collecting high quality data across a variety of survey modes, we will work with you to design the best approach to meet your survey needs.

Study Design

SRD staff work with investigators to design the data collection activities and determine the optimal survey mode and survey methods needed to meet the study objectives. We have expertise designing standard and customized survey instruments (telephone, web, mail, and in-person). Our experience enhancing response rates across various modes, use of the latest survey technologies, and proven data collection track record add value to existing research projects and strengthen grant proposals.

Focus Groups

SRD staff will conduct focus groups with a variety of populations (community members, parents, children, etc) to gain information about participant views, perspectives, and experiences on topics of interest.

Sample Tracking & Locating

SRD will work with you to locate hard-to-find subjects. SRD has a comprehensive and systematic approach to locating hard-to-find and at-risk respondents, which results in annual lost subject rates consistently less than 1% of the overall sample on current longitudinal studies. We have developed effective and reliable methods for tracking a variety of populations.


Our IT staff can design, program, and support unique IT solutions for survey research. Technologies include database tools for tracking and managing longitudinal samples, computerized data collection tools (telephone, field and web), and other Internet or database tools to facilitate the data collection process.

Data Processing & Management

SRD data management staff provide ongoing data validation services throughout a field period. Clean electronic datasets are produced which ensure quality and completeness of final data. Basic output of frequencies and distributions of data elements are provided with final data sets.

Scanning & Data Entry

The SRD is equipped with an optical scanning facility to convert paper surveys to electronic data. We utilize the latest scanning technology to read and interpret survey data utilizing validation rules to ensure complete and accurate data. For smaller scale studies, we also have capacity to manually enter and verify paper questionnaires.

Analysis & Reporting

SRD provide basic frequencies and cross-tabs or provide additional analysis services to meet your study needs. All SRD services produce a narrative report of the fielding of your data collection effort documenting methods used, final sample disposition, and study results.

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