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Research Brief - October 2009
Research Brief - January 2012

The Community Youth Development Study (CYDS) presentation

Program Outcomes:
Results from a 7-state experimental trial involving 24 communities show that within 4 years of adopting the CTC system, community coalitions can reduce the incidence of delinquent behaviors and of alcohol, tobacco, and smokeless tobacco use as well as the prevalence of alcohol use, binge drinking, smokeless tobacco use, and delinquent behavior among young people community wide by the spring of grade 8.

Among youths consented into a longitudinal panel in 5th and 6th grades, these significant effects of CTC were found by spring of grade 8:

  • Exposure to targeted risk factors increased less rapidly in CTC than in control communities.

  • Initiation of substance use and delinquency: By the end of 8th grade, compared to students in the control communities, students from CTC communities were:

    • - 24% less likely to initiate delinquent behavior

    • - 32% less likely to initiate the use of alcohol

    • - 33% less likely to initiate cigarette use

    • - 33% less likely to initiate the use of smokeless tobacco

  • Substance use: By 8th grade, compared to students in the control communities, students from CTC communities were:

    • - 23% less likely to use alcohol in the past 30 days

    • - 49% less likely to use smokeless tobacco in the past 30 days

    • - 37% less likely to have engaged in binge drinking in the past two weeks

  • Delinquent behaviors: In 8th grade, students from CTC communities committed 31% fewer different delinquent behaviors than students in the control communities.

This information was excerpted from:

Hawkins, J.D., Brown, E.C., Oesterle, S., Arthur, M.W., Abbott, R.D., & Catalano, R.F. (2008). Early effects of Communities That Care on targeted risks and initiation of delinquent behavior and substance use. Journal of Adolescent Health, 53, 15-22.

Hawkins, JD, Oesterle, S, Brown, EC, Arthur, MW, Abbott, RD, Fagan, AA, & RF Catalano. (2009). Results of a type 2 translational research trial to prevent adolescent drug use and delinquency: A test of Communities That Care. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.